The following page contains links to a number of bioinformatic tools, which i find useful. For our own tools check

the following link. bioinformatics tools :


mFold :: Oligo Analyzer
M.Zucker's oligo nucleotide analyzer, calculate primer melting temperatures, check for dimers and hairpins
to optimize the primer design
calculate vector:insert molar ratio, based on vector and insert size
Insilco experiments with complete genomes
in silico PCR amplification on complete genomes, PCR.-RFLP, T-RFLP, DNA fingerprinting etc. :: molcular calculations, unit convertions  
convert  µg to µmol for DNA, proteins,
The Sequence Manipulation Suite
many DNA related tools, codon usage calculation, CpG island search, convert Genbank to FASTA format, but also
protein related tools: ORF finder, DNA translation etc ...
BCM Search Launcher::Promotor Prediction
predict promotor and transcription factore binding sites, prokaryotes, eukaryotes also exon, intron and gene model
useful collection of online tools related to molecular biology
DNA translation for publication
translate DNA to protein in any given frame in a nice presentable manner
ClustalW :: alignments
Multiple sequence alignment tool, with output file generation (*.aln) for further use in e.g.GeneDoc, TreeView etc.
BoxShade :: Server
for pretty printing and shading of multiple sequence alignments
Expasy proteomics tools
Large collection of mainly protein related tools, identification, characterization, pattern searches etc.
Java applet for helical wheel analysis
Helix-Turn-Helix Prediction
predicts helix-turn-helix motifs from a given protein sequence
Kyte-Doolittle Hydropathy Plots
composition anaylsis and secondary structure prediction
PDB protein database
just THE online resource for protein structure (pdb) files
PsiPred :: Secondary Structure Prediction
PhD :: Secondary Structure Prediction
PROF :: Secondary Structure Prediction
different secondary structure prediction servers
Meta Server for protein structure prediction
Protein homology modelling server

SWISS-MODEL: Webserver for comparative modelling

Swiss Pdb Viewer - DeepView: pdb viewer and compartive modelling tool, also calculates H-bonds etc.

VegaZZ Pdb-Viewer: pdb viewer: easy addition of solvent clusters for molecular dynamic simulations, also calculates surface maps eg. elctrostatic potential

Yasara - View:  yet another nice pdb viewer

MOLOC: Molecular Design Software suite: Energy Minimization, Pharmacophore modelling, molecular dynamics

WHAT IF: Web Interface to the famous WHAT-IF suite, all kind of analyzes, check and repair models,                 mutant prediction etc.

Dundee PRODRG2 Server: convert ligand and protein structure-files e.g. for docking in AutoDOCK etc...

MEDock: Maximum Entropy docking of small lignads to proteins

ClusPro :: Docking
Server for protein-protein docking based on electrostatics 
PatchDock:: shape complementarity docking
Server for protein-ligand and protein-proteindocking based on shape complementarity
UCLA-DOE Server for Structure Anylysis and Validation
3D structure validation using PROCHECK, WHAT_CHECK, SF_CHECK etc...

generation of rotating animated gifs from pdb files

MovieMaker: generate rotating gif-images from pdb-files and other animations like ligand docking etc.


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